South East Building Consultants provide inspection services for the following types of commercial properties:

  • Any Commercial Property

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Automotive Dealerships/Repair Centers

  • Banks

  • Retail Stores

  • Churches & Seminary

  • Firehouses & Police Stations

  • Fitness Centers

  • Funeral homes

  • Hotels, Inns, Motels

  • Light Industrial / Manufacturing

  • Multi-family Buildings

  • Office Buildings / Complexes

  • Professional Offices Dental/Medical

  • Restaurants

  • Retirement Homes & Senior Centers

  • Schools

  • Shopping Centers & Strip Mall

  • Warehouses

You'll know the Commercial Property when we're done inspecting it!

You'll have the facts on everything:

  • Structural integrity such as foundation, support beams, framing

  • Exterior cladding, doors/windows

  • Attached structures, decks, patios, balconies, stairs

  • Parking lots, driveways, walkways, hardscapes

  • Roof, gutters, downspouts

  • Furnaces, A/C units, supply and return vents

  • Plumbing, water heaters, boilers, water supply

  • Site Work - topography, drainage, utilities, parking, retention ponds, retaining walls

  • Electrical panels, fixtures, disconnects, lighting

  • Ventilation attic/foundation, insulation, and appliances

  • Interior - windows, insulation, stairs, moisture intrusion, walls, ceilings, doors

When required, needed or agreed to in scope of work we can provide:

  • Repair Cost Estimates and/or Five-Year Cost Projections

  • Fire Sprinkler Inspections by an Independent Licensed Contractor

  • Elevator Inspections performed by State Approved and licensed Contractor

  • Phase One Environmental Assessments

  • Life Safety Review

  • ADA - Accessibility Review